Department of Post- Mobile money order
The M-Wallet - Pay with your phone
Triomoney- Mobile Wallet.
Patient Monitoring System- Saving Lives on the Move
Parking Finder- Find Parking on Your Phone
Ru-ba-ru-The Friend Finder that’s Fun.
Voice Chat- Make New Friends
Maverick Secure Mobile (MSM) -The only mobile security application you will ever need.
Saleforce- Making Businesses Mobile
Inventory Management- Logistics Services Scaled to Order.
GoMobi- goMobi is a cloud hosted mobile website publishing platform.
Secure Mobile- Mobile Safety Redefined.
Self Service- Customer Care Made Easy
Maverick Secure Family -Guardian to Your Loved Ones.
Data Backup -Recover What Matters.
Maverick Do Not Disturb-Privacy on Priority.
App Lock- Fortify Your Phone
Fake iT- Safeguard Your Gallery.
Builder- Build Up to Your Escape
Call Taper- Capture Your Conversations
Call Tricker- Disguise Your Conversations
Calorie Counter- The Only Diet Tool You Will Ever Need
Cartoon yourself- Animate Your World
Courier Mgmnt System- Delivery Solutions for Every Business
Devotional- Spirituality with Mobility
Expense Tracker- An Accountant on Your Mobile
Fake a call- A Friend to the Rescue
First Aid- Safety Always Comes First
Gotcha- Find Your Target Market
Win @ Darts- Play Like A Pro
Karaoke- For the Music Lover in Everyone
Local Post Office- Locate Your Post Office
Love Predictor- How True Is Your Love
Music Juction- Tune In Whenever, Wherever
Numerology- Live Life by The Numbers
Office Yoga- Work your way to Zen
Alcohol Mixer- A Drinking Game You Can Play at Work
Alko Sensor- Measure Your High
Shopping List- A List You Won’t Forget
SMS Gang- Free Message Broadcasting Services
Splash Bomb- A Refreshing Blast Of Fun
Ticket Cricket- Play as a ticket bookie
My Time Tracker- The number one time tracking application
Urinator- Feel the Relief
Vastu- Balance Your Energies
YO SMS- Add Style to Your Messages.
Maverick Locker- A Vault for Your Phone.
Easy Ride- The Easiest Way to Travel